@@ Large Floating Wall Triple Cherry

Large Floating Wall Triple Cherry

Limited space won't limit your décor and storage options with the Triple Wall Mounted Storage shelf. Manage your large collection of CDs or DVDs with style and convenience by mounting this shelf on your wall. Installation's a cinch at whatever height you choose, thanks to our innovative hanging rail system. Add storage without compromising floor space in this chic package.laminated composite woods with a sturdy MDF backerAdjustable shelves hold a variety of media sizesincludes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on partsConstructed from CA

Large Floating Wall Triple Cherry

  • 408 Blu-Ray discs
  • Two or more units can be positioned side-by-side to increase storage
  • Ships Ready to Assemble
  • 124 VHS cassettes or any combination thereof
  • 213 DVDs

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