## Indoor Lint Trap Filter

Indoor Lint Trap Filter

What makes our lint trap filter so unique is not only its ability to efficiently capture lint, but to filter the air from the dryer as well.
It does this by using a patented fine screen and water drawer system which prevents fine particles of lint from recirculating back into the dryer causing damage or fires.
The screen also has the added benefit of recycling the heat from your dryer which will not only lessen your impact on the environment, but save you money on your next heating bill as well. In addition, we've even made cleaning the screen an easy task to do.
By simply rotating the knob

Indoor Lint Trap Filter

  • Designed for Electric Dryers that cannot be vented to the outside of the home
  • Catches and stores fine particles of lint from the dryer until you are ready to dispose.
  • Filters the air from the Dryer
  • Saves Energy

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