%% Hallowell FKWLK22 Fort Knox Light Kit - Black

Hallowell FKWLK22 Fort Knox Light Kit - Black

By combining our adjustable Rivetwell shelving, heavy-duty, all-welded cabinets, workbenches and locker/drawer units, the Fort Knox Modular Utility Storage and Workbench System is a uniquely functional and durable modular system that provides numerous components allowing customization to create your perfect workspace. Fabricated from heavy gauge steel and coated with a unique textured two-tone black and red powder coat finish, the Fort Knox system will stand up to the most demanding users. Intelligent design allows each major comopnent to be utilized stand alone or in conjunction with any of t

Hallowell FKWLK22 Fort Knox Light Kit - Black

  • Color: Black (textured).
  • Dimensions: 3 W x 22 D x 3 H.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Construction Material: Cold Rolled Sheet Steel.
  • Assembly Required: No.

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